The Petrozorb Range
The Petrozorb Range

Oil Absorbent’s & Oil Spill Kits Suppliers

At Fine Forest Organics, we specialise in the production of high quality oil absorbents and oil spill kits. Our extensive product range is manufactured to provide you with safe and efficient products to contain oil spills.

We manufacture oil absorbents and oil spill kits for a variety of applications, including use on both land and water. If you’re unsure which Petrozorb product will meet your requirements, one of our professional team members will give you expert advice and find the right solution for you.

Oil Spill Kits Suppliers

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Fine Forest Organics is a South African company, based in the East Rand of Johannesburg. We are the manufacturers and wholesalers of The PèTROZORB Range of oil and chemical spill absorbent products. 

We produce natural organic absorbent fibre products for industrial use. Our products are available with and without oil eating microbes. 

PèTROZORB is designed to be used for everyday accidental environmental oil spills and chemical spills on both water and land surfaces.

 The Petrozorb range of products includes oil eating microbes, used extensively for the rehabilitation and bioremediation of soil. As well as our Petrozorb range, we have a variety of other products, including:


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Featured Products

  • Wheelie_Bin_Spil_-Kits_HAC_190L_Absorbency

    Wheelie Bin Spill Kits
    Harsh Acids & Chemicals
    (190L Absorbency)

    It is inadvisable to leave a spill of harsh acids and chemicals unattended in the workplace. The spill will either damage the property in your workshop, factory or laboratory, become harmful to your employees or eventually cause some measure of damage to the environment.

    Basically it is always a good idea to clean up immediately after a spill occurs. However, it’s not a case of grabbing a bucket and cloth to wipe it up. Harsh acids and chemicals require specific tools in order to ensure a sufficient clean up without injuring yourself by coming into contact with the chemicals and acids.

    At Petrozorb we have a highly effective wheelie bin spill kit for harsh acids & chemicals. This fantastic spill kit will sort out all of your chemical spill problems in no time at all!

    For more information on this particular product please contact us.

  • chemical_scatter

    Chemical Absorbent Scatter

    Responding to a chemical spill needs to be a rehearsed drill in order to ensure that the spill is cleaned up before it causes damage to your employees and the environment. With our Petrozorb products, like chemical absorbent scatter pads, you can have the right systems in place, enabling you to respond quickly and efficiently.

    Absorbent materials come in handy when dealing with a chemical spill. Chemical absorbent scatter pads are made from an absorbent polypropylene which absorbs chemical spills quickly and easily. Ensure that you have the right systems on standby to quickly respond in the event of an accident.

    If you are looking for additional advice or information then please contact us today.

  • absorbent_pads

    Oil Absorbent Pads

    Oil spills can be easily taken care of if you have oil absorbent pads available close at hand. Our oil absorbent pads are made from a highly absorbent material called polypropylene which help absorb the bulk of the oil after a spill.

    You can never predict when an accident will happen, that’s why it’s called an accident. However, you can have the appropriate systems in place to assist you in cleaning up an oil spill immediately after it has happened. With our oil absorbent pads, a clean-up becomes quick and easy.

    Find out more about our oil absorbent pads by contacting us today.

  • Carry bag truck vehicle - Oil spill kit

    Carry Bag Truck & Vehicle Oil Spill Kit
    50cm x 50cm x 20cm
    (40L Absorbency)

    Contents that are packaged to create the ideal spill kit for you

    Being able to respond to oil spills on the road will definitely save lives and decrease the high accident rate that has left thousands injured. An uncleared oil spill on one of South African’s busy highways will end up in nothing but tragic experiences for the unlucky people who might lose their lives due to these detrimental accidents. Don’t be responsible for any of the misfortune that will happen in people’s lives just because you didn’t have the resources to clean up an accidental oil spill.

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For more information about any PèTROZORB product, please call us on + 27 (0) 11 849-4767 or contact us now.


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